donna and damo – who doesn’t love love?

Last night (on strong recommendation from my favourite middle sister) I went to see Donna and Damo, the brainchild of Sarah Collins and Justin Kennedy. Now i can safely say that this show will cause you to guffaw so horrendously, it becomes impossible to close your lips over your teeth, and you need to use both hands to prevent large amounts of spittle from shooting toward fellow audience members’ hair, or, if you are in the front row as i was, the stars of the show.

Several times our noble actors needed to gracefully pause as the audience got their ya ya’s out. Both Collins’ and Kennedy’s ability to morph from (for example) a dorky bogan telemarketer to a classic suburban (hawthorn east) housewife, or a Oscars-obsessed blogger to an asexual pro bono proofreader. Timing was excellent and superb use of an old school overhead projector made me well up a little bit, and tied the duo’s piece together with fun loving finesse. The story itself is as sweet as sweet can be, and reminds us that dorky happy sexless love is still love, and who doesn’t love love?

Check out the show – it’s on until the 17th April at BlackBox Theatre.


last night i made a new blog and now i am exhausted.

dear beloved reader;

it has come to my attention that i have created a new ‘exactly the same but different to the other one’ blog. The other blog is based solely on my visual work, this one is based on nothing. I think it will be successful. I have plans for incessant whinging, lots of praising, yearning and wanting of things and the occasional review. I think you will all enjoy it very much. For now I am so exhausted from trying to work out this word… press… confusion that that will be the extent of my efforts for the next 40 minutes. But never fear, I shall be back, and there will be PICTURES! Pictures with words!! YAY!

yours faithfully,